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Pinched Nerve

Since coming to Spinal Balance Health Center, I am virtually pain-free! My muscles are not tight. I have more energy and a better outlook. I am now not focused on the pain anymore because it is gone! I feel like I’ve got my life back.

Pinched Nerve

A “pinched nerve” is the result of damage or injury to a nerve or set of nerves. This can be the result of compression, constriction, or stretching. Often a herniated disc impinges on a nerve causing a pinched nerve. Symptoms of a pinched nerve include numbness, the feeling of “pins and needles,” a burning sensation or pain radiating from the injured area.



The adjustments made to the atlas in my neck not only straightened my spine and took away the numbness in my toes, but I believe that they also opened up compressed passages and pinched nerves allowing me to finally become pregnant. 

— Patient from Alvarado, TX