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Success Stories

Spinal Balance Health Center has changed lives, restored relationships and given new hope to those who had run out of options! Nothing makes us happier than seeing our practice members free from pain and enjoying full, satisfying lives.

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Success Stories

Here are some of our many success stories to offer hope and encouragement to you as seek non-surgical relief from back and neck pain, numbness, migraines, balance problems, allergies, sinus and other chronic ailments you may have thought you’d have to live with.

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I’ve got my life back!

Since coming to Spinal Balance Health Center, I am virtually pain-free! My muscles are not tight. I have more energy and a better outlook. I am now not focused on the pain anymore because it is gone! I feel like I’ve got my life back.

Tracy C

Bye-Bye Back Pain

I had lower back pain for 15+ years. Since beginning treatment at Spinal Balance Health Center I only had 4 days of low back pain, even while playing volleyball. I don’t have headaches anymore either.

Susan J

Compassionate Care

Since beginning care 6 weeks ago, my sciatica pain has improved by 90% after suffering with it for 30 years. I have better balance and my limp is gone!

Sherry B

Pain in The Neck

I went to Dr. Drummond because my sister had received relief from neck pain that we both have suffered. After one visit I received some relief from the pain running up the right side of my neck and up into the right side of my head. As I continued treatment I received more and more relief. I have recommended the type of chiropractic that Dr. Drummond practices to a number of my friends.

Donyce P