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Dr. Drew Drummond
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About the Practice

Spinal Balance Health Center was established by Dr. Drew Drummond in 2006. Through our unique and specific protocols, Spinal Balance Health Center has become one of the finest clinics in the Midwest for the treatment of advanced low back and neck pain. Our clinic not only treats the degenerative changes taking place in the low back and neck, but also places a high priority on balancing the body structure. 

Most degenerative problems of the spine are caused by an imbalance in the entire structure of the body which leads to specific areas of the spine being forced into a stressed position. Over long periods of time, the stress responses that occur will cause spinal degeneration and pain. Spinal Balance Health Center enjoys a high degree of success with our patients because our treatment returns the body into a more balanced posture while simultaneously addressing the specific area of complaint.

The rebalancing of the body is accomplished by addressing the coordination of a person’s nervous system with their muscular system. Balanced posture is created by a properly functioning nervous system, communicating properly with the muscles that create a balanced skeletal frame. Most degenerative neck and low back conditions are created by an imbalanced body that is forcing the neck and low back into poor adaptive positions to re-center the body and remain upright.

This is the same process that takes place when a person picks up a bucket of water. Holding onto a bucket in one hand creates an asymmetry in the body. The body then must compensate (lean away from the bucket) to remain in an upright position. The two most dynamic areas of the spine, that do most of the adaptation, are the low back and neck. When a person is adapting for a short period of time as would happen when carrying a bucket of water, there is no problem and is completely within the normal function of the body. However, long term, irregular stresses in the spine that occur when a person’s nerves and muscles are not coordinated properly over years or even decades will cause stresses in the spine that exceed the body’s ability to heal and maintain itself. This is not within the normal function of the human body and is the reason for most spinal degeneration of the neck and low back.

Most treatments for neck and low back pain revolve around treating only the area of complaint and not the reason the spine is being forced into an adaptive position. At Spinal Balance Health Center, our treatment protocols treat both the underlying imbalance leading into the biomechanical stresses (NUCCA protocol), as well as the specific areas of degeneration through a cutting-edge technology called Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression.

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In 2006 Dr. Drummond went into private practice. Since then, Spinal Balance Health Center has helped patients get their lives back and improved their standard of living.  Dr. Drummond is married with four children. He received his Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic, graduating cum laude. Prior to becoming a chiropractor Dr. Drummond was an educator and science teacher. He is also a Veteran who served our country in Operation Iraqi Freedom